Seller Inspection

stress.jpegReduce the stress of selling your home

~Have an objective view of your house since now it’s no longer going to be where you call home
~No repair requests that will leave struggling to comply with while dealing with your big move
~Your home will more likely sell faster!

Save money

~buyer may money-finance-wealth-currency-68148.jpegtry to negotiate a lower price if issues are discovered during a buyer inspection
~defects discovered during a buyer inspection can delay a sale or potentially cancel a contract
~protect you from claims that may lead to lawsuits
~gives you the option to get competitive quotes for the work instead of agreeing to potentially higher buyer quotes

Gives buyers confidence to buy your home

~If a buyer notices small things like misaligned garage door sensor, burnt-out lightbulb, and slow drain, they will most likely assume that this disrepair ducks-in-a-row.jpgcarries over to larger items as well
~Eliminates any questions about the condition of your home
~No question that you’re trying to “unload” a money-pit property

As a seller, you may also choose an hourly consultation to address specific aspects of your home