The Big Bad Home Inspector Is NOT Coming To Crush Your Dreams

Peace of mind

The intention of any home inspection is to help you feel comfortable with your home purchase. Enjoy your time with your inspector and get to know your future home. A good home inspector has a wealth of information. Ask questions!



Your safety is important to us. Inspectors are trained to recognize when there is a safety defect. Most safety hazards are manageable and should never be ignored. Unless your future home is made of straw, the chances of it blowing down are slim, but a loose handrail could be a disaster waiting to happen.


If defects come bubbling to the surface

Whether your future home is 200 years old or 2 months old, defects happen. Just remember, problems do have solutions. There are dozens of qualified contractors in your area that deal with home issues everyday. Something that seems irreparable in your mind, might be an easy fix to a professional. Don’t walk away from your dream home before getting all the information. Your realtor is by your side and able to negotiate repairs.

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